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Service Club


At the beginning of the school year, there was an idea to have a Roosevelt Service Club.  Fourth and Fifth-grade students could volunteer to be part of this new club at their school.  We currently have over 20 students.  Since the start of the club, the students and advisors have held fundraisers each month to support collections for the Lakewood Community Service Center and the Roosevelt PTA .  The first fundraiser was a pumpkin raffle.  Students collected over $80.00.  Proceeds went to buying shampoo and conditioner.

                                   IMG_3828.JPG               IMG_2340.JPG

For November and December, the students had a Baker’s Basket Raffle.  The wonderful Roosevelt Staff donated all the items in the baskets.  The RSC collected  $120.00.  The proceeds went to buying hats and gloves for the LCSC and canned food for the food bank.



  In January, the RSC sold emoji buttons.  These buttons were possible by the generous    Lakewood Rangers Education Foundation/Margaret Warner Grant  to purchase of the button machine.  The students sold soooo many buttons that Hare Electric donated another 500 buttons to the RSC.  Students sold over 300 buttons in 5 days.  That was a profit of over $300.00 to be used towards buying items and necessities for the Lakewood Community Service Center such as detergent and dishwashing liquid and future projects.   

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Along with supporting the PTA with month collections for the LCSC, Roosevelt Service Club learned about recycling and now has every classroom at Roosevelt recycling paper. The students collect the bins from classrooms each week and put in the recycle barrel.  RSC has made lunch bag for ‘Meals on Wheels’ and decorated holiday cards for the local senior living center.


What does the Service Club have in store for the rest of the school year?

March-       Lucky Shamrocks

April-          Spring Baskets

May/June-   Roosevelt Spirit Buttons